Originally named Battie Clothing now Peculiar by Nature. This small business has been though a metamorphosis over the years. Beginning in 2009 when self taught maker made the bold decision not to got to university to study media. Instead this yound slightly naive woman took up the opportunity to start her own business through a small business initative, where she was given a little advice on how to run her business. 

Starting slowly the business grew making custom corsets for people around the world, for weddings to comic conventions. Eventually like all things was drawn to something new, harness making. This gave the chance to  experiment with a new medium, mixing techiques learnt via corset making and mixing them in with the harness making.

More recently the focus of the business is on the beauty of animal skulls and making resin replicas. Mould making and resin casting has been used throughout the life of the business as the skulls were orignally additions to the corsets. 

This left a little problem with the business name, so after a lot (and I mean a lot 2 years) of thinking the name Peculiar by Nature came to be. With the genius of Alaura of Desnoir made a beautiful new logo and started the ball rolling for this new chapter.

Peculiar by Nature is a home for the things that dont quiet fit. Beautiful and unique like nature as you will never find two flowers the same.

Every item is handmade and packaged by Amy to this day, so you truly get the straight from designer experience. 

Thanks for reading this crazy babble, I hope you will join me in the next weird and wonderful chapter of Peculair by Nature.